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At Kontolink, we are passionate about digital solutions within accounting and bookkeeping. It should be simple, transparent, and quick to get started.

For Kim Agger, it was the early thought-seeds that led to the clear vision of creating a system that could help accountants and business owners automate the tedious part of bookkeeping, allowing more time for enjoyable tasks. The thought-seeds turned into ideas that hit the drawing board in early 2018, and from there, it gained momentum. About a year later, Kontolink, as we know it, came into existence.

The team & idea behind Kontolink

Say hello to Kontolink and goodbye to frustratingly searching for receipts!

Kontolink is an app that helps you and your business keep track of receipts and payments, so you have more time, avoid mistakes, and eliminate frustrations over missing receipts.

Kontolink automatically collects and matches your bank transactions with receipts obtained from your email, photos on your phone, and other sources. When needed, Kontolink also sends you a friendly reminder if a receipt couldn’t be found for a transaction, ensuring you’re always up to date.

Based on your bank’s data, Kontolink matches transactions with receipts, and all you have to do is approve it with a simple swipe, and voila! The match is approved.

Simple, easy, and straightforward.


More than just banking and automated receipt collection

A significant part of the small company’s bills are receipts. Receipts for coffee, gasoline, and other small purchases that often end up crumpled in a jacket pocket or at the bottom of a bag. It was clear to us that there should also be a smart solution for this.

At Kontolink, we prioritize our customers and strive to be known for our innovation, which is why we embarked on a solution for this as well.

The answer was Kontosnap. With Kontosnap, we created a solution that verifies how well you take photos (if you have captured the date, amount, and text) while also ensuring that it is automatically matched with your bank transaction.

Smart and simple – just the way we like it.

The sharp and competent minds behind Kontolink

The team behind Kontolink consists of a diverse, nerdy, and dedicated team located at Langebrogade 4 in Christianshavn – and we’re growing. Within the team, you’ll find accountants, programmers, developers, designers, communicators, and business developers. What they all have in common is a passion for automated accounting solutions, allowing you to spend your time on what you find important.

Kontolinks Team

Kim Agger

CPO og Founder

Jens Sørensen

CEO og Founder

Jan Lund

Head of Sales

Andreas Larsen

Key Account Manager

Mikkel Uhrbrand

Technical genius

Christian Lyngbye

Technical genius

Antonio Dolic

Technical genius

Ditte Pedersen

Customer Success Lead

Victor A. Haaning

UX – Designer & Backlog Assistent

Lucas Sørensen

Technical genius


Helena Bach

Technical genius

Mathias Panduro Lundbergh

Account Manager

Sofie Skovgaard

Customer Success Specialist

Mikkel Thomsen

Technical genius

Nicholas Sørensen

Technical genius

The Kontolink board of directors.

Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

Kim Sneum Madsen

Jens Sørensen

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