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Groups in Kontolink

In Kontohub it is possible to get an even better overview with the Kontolink function “Groups”.

Groups allow you, as an administrator, to manage your employees’ access to Kontolink and give them a better overview.

There are no rules for how “Groups” should be used. Typically, this is used if:

  • You have more than one office
  • You do not want to be able to access each other’s customers.

Note: “Groups” need to be purchased along side your Kontopack agreement

Here's how you do it

If you have not already purchased “Groups” to your Kontolink agreement, please contact us at

The guide is divided into 3 steps.

It is important to follow the order to ensure that your employees/colleagues are disturbed as little as possible.

The 3 steps are as follows: 

1) Create a group. 

2) Assign group(s) to companies/customers. 

3) Add groups to employees (colleagues). 

Read below to learn more 👇🏼.”

Creating groups

1. Open Kontohub (Shift + H)

2. Click on “Groups” to the left of the search bar

3. Choose “Add group +”.


Create the desired amount of groups. (You can always create more)

Assigning groups to companies/customers

1. Find the company in Kontohub

2. Click on “More” on the right side

3. Select “Edit company”.


4. Choose the group(s) under which the company should be apart of.

This needs to be done before selecting which employees should be included in the desired group(s).

Assigning groups to employees

Note: Firstly add groups to companies/customers

1. Access your Admin-Account in Kontohub. (The one where you invite your colleagues)

2. Click on the icon next to “Users”


 3. Assign the group(s) to each colleague.

Overview of groups

In Kontohub, you can sort customers/companies based on the groups you have access to.


Check the boxes next to the groups you want to be visible in Kontohub. (You can enable or disable different groups at any time.)

Customers/Companies that have not been assigned to a group yet can be found under 'No Group'

Do you also need Groups?

Write, call, or book us for an online introduction 😊

Group management with “Groups” starts at 500 DKK/month.